Weddings in Our Parish

Dear Engaged Couple,

At All Saints Parish, it is important to us to do everything possible to make the occasion of your wedding a memorable and beautiful Church service. The following information will help you understand the traditions of the wedding service and the policies of the parish – and plan your service!


In order to have a formal Church wedding, sixty days notice is required; longer is advisable if you wish to book a hall. There must also be time to take a Marriage Preparation programme.

If either party has been divorced, (or if neither one is Anglican in background) an appointment must be made, through your minister, to discuss at further length your Church wedding. Further details from the Rector are available.

Marriage in the Church: 

You’ve chosen to marry in church and not everyone today does so. This makes a statement of faith and by marrying in our church, you become part of our church family. You will get to know your minister through the marriage course and you’ll get time to really invest in your relationship through marriage preparation. This is the start of a new life together, and a new life in faith with the church you’ve chosen.

Both persons must be willing and conscientiously able to make their vows in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit without mental reservation, and with the intention of entering a lifelong union.

At Least One Party Must Be Baptized:

Preferably both. If there is a difference of religious background, we urge you to give serious thought to taking a Christian Faith course in the church. A shared Christian life is a strong support to your marriage.


This is the Prayer Book’s admonition taken from scriptures.

Therefore, the Church requires you to meet with a Priest of the Church to discuss your marriage and to undertake a marriage preparation course.

The Service:

  1. Services in the Anglican Church are prescribed, so couples do not “write their own services.”
    2. There are two services available to choose from: the traditional prayer book service and the Alternative Service (Green Book).

The Music:

Music will be chosen bearing in mind this is a church service. Any words sung will be in the words of the Bible, or from prayers, or a hymnal. Love songs are appropriate to the reception but not the church service, because music in the service is for worship and the service of Holy Matrimony is not viewed as entertainment.

The organist of the Parish, or someone recommended by the organist can be requested to play. CD’s of wedding, classical or sacred music are also appropriate. Soloists, if any, must submit their music for approval and arrange for a practice.

The Processional & Recessional:

We recommend the Clark/Purcell Trumpet Voluntary or the well known Wagner’s Lohengrin Bridal March or Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. Some Classical music/instrumentals are also welcome as processional and recessional music. Please discuss this with your minister.


Are very appropriate, especially “Love Divine” or “Joyful, Joyful”, along with many of the contemporary hymns. These can be used for the processionals, sung by the congregation.

The Lessons:

If you wish a family member or friend to read the lessons, this can be arranged with the minister. A friend may also lead the prayers for the couple with some guidance from the minister.

The Rehearsal:

A half-hour rehearsal is held, without music, usually the Friday before your service. We appreciate the party arriving on time. It is crucial that neither the bride nor groom have used any intoxicants before
the rehearsal and wedding, as this potentially invalidates the vows.

The Documents:

License, Registration form and fees must be handed in seven days before the service.

Church Attendance:

The engaged couple should attend Church regularly for several Sundays prior to their marriage and pray for God’s help in this wonderful time of their life.


The appointed photographer should meet with the rector briefly at the rehearsal. Photographs of any type are permitted only during the processional and recessional (which includes the kiss of the bride and groom) and the signing of the Register. No photographs are to be taken during the vows and prayers. Posed photographs may be taken in the Church after the ceremony, and can capture any poses you wish from the service. (Special permission may be obtained for a dvd/video of the wedding to be taken, as long as the camera remains on a tripod in a fixed location – where it won’t distract the party from their ceremony.)


Flower arrangements are very welcome. You may arrange to have flowers placed on the altar by someone before the wedding, or leave this up to our altar guild. Flowers on the pews and other appropriate locations are also welcome, if you so desire.

Confetti or Rice:

For reasons of safety and cleanliness, we ask those attending not to throw rice or confetti near or inside the Church.


For use of the Church

Organist (If needed)

Altar Guild (If needed)

Clergy Honoraria





For wedding fees for those who are attending members, please contact the clergy directly.
All Fees and Honoraria Must be Paid One Week Before the Wedding. Thank you for your Attention.

Your Check List

  1. Date and Time of Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Course, booked with your minister.
  2. License and Registration Form handed in.
  3. All Fees are submitted, 7 days or more before the wedding day.
  4. Flower arrangements made.

Bulletins and Certificates

These are left to your discretion; they can be purchased at book stores.