Anglican Funeral Guidelines for: Churches of Cardinal, Prescott, Maitland and Blue Church

The Anglican Clergy of our Parish wish to do all we can to help make your family member’s funeral one with dignity and warmth. Today, there are so many kinds of funerals, tributes, celebrations and memorials. We’ve prepared the following suggestions, regarding the Anglican funeral, to help you in your preparations.

Time, Date, Location:

Before settling on a date and time, and alerting the newspaper, please confirm that the clergy are free on your date. The church is the preferred location for a Anglican Christian funeral. Everyone is a beloved child of God and the church is both consecrated and dedicated to our Lord as a special place for all funerals, regardless of race or creed.

The Service:

The Anglican service is truly a service with both dignity and warmth. The funeral is a worship service, first and foremost, lasting about 40 minutes in length, if no Holy Communion takes place. Regarding music, it’s meaningful if the family has hymn selections to sing or hear played during the service. Sacred music only is used during the funeral. Popular songs are best during the reception, or before (or after) the service. Holy Communion services can also be arranged.


Many families want this time to be a Celebration of Life for the deceased. In making it a celebration, we encourage a eulogy (or two) or special words from family members, friends and neighbors, as part of our service.


Our clergy would be very happy to gather with you to arrange the funeral or memorial service specially to ensure that your hopes for this special and spiritual service are integrated. Rev Jon F. Lavelle 613-340-0177