Frequently Asked Questions

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Our worship’s design takes the soul on a journey, by prayer.   Through seeking God’s forgiveness,  we come to a new start in life.   We also find His peace in Holy Communion as  ‘feed on Him in our hearts by faith with Thanksgiving”.

They aren’t segregated here. On Sundays all ages worship together and the youth take special parts as they feel led. They are mentored as greeters or readers, they run the power point or lead prayers. Several assist and serve up front at the altar. Tuesday night we host a youth group from 5-7 pm at St. John’s Prescott.

Browse the website and stop by a church service. You’ll discover, after worshiping with us a few times, ample opportunities to grow in your faith, serve God and connect with your community.

The answer is yes – for everything from baby showers to Anniversaries and Weddings.

For hall rental at St John’s Prescott, please call Deb Hayes, 613-925-4967.

For hall rental at St James Maitland, please call Rosalie Manhard 613-348-3778.

Joan Graham for hall rentals in Cardinal. 613- 925-2418