Baptisms in Our Parish

Candidate’s Application for The Sacrament of Baptism

-The Anglican Church of Canada – All Saints South Grenville
(Maitland, Cardinal and Prescott)

Congratulations on your decision for baptism. This is a great step and a new start! Baptism is our entry into the life of faith in Jesus Christ and the beginning of involvement in your local church family. Look over your Baptismal Booklet. At All Saints we want to do all we can to help and encourage you to make this occasion all it is meant to be. Welcome to a new journey of Christian faith and participation.

1. Preparation:

There are three preparation sessions for families seeking the sacrament of Baptism to acquaint you with the promises found in the baptism service and to give you resources to nurture your child in faith.

First- meet with your minister at the church to receive your baptism booklet.

Second- gather for a preparation workshop to help you understand your vows.

Third- rehearse the baptism service, with you and Godparents if possible.

Note: If there are other families who may be interested in baptism at that time, they will share the sessions with you..

2. Involvement:

One of the baptism promises is about actively attending church. Now’s the time to ask ,” am I ready to make this promise to God?” Begin to worship with us on Sundays. It takes a few weeks to develop new, good spiritual habits.

Families who live outside our Parish: Your baptism preparation can be done in a one- day workshop, either when you are visiting South Grenville, at a time convenient to your family OR you can choose to do preparation with a church you’ll be attending in your home area.

“Baptism means becoming a real member of God’s family. You wouldn’t get a membership to the canoe club – and then never go out on the water!”

3. Dates:

The Anglican Book of Services recommends Baptism at Easter, Pentecost (late spring) and All Saints Day (November 1). However, if necessary, baptism can be arranged for a time suitable for your family. Our parish is busy with 4 churches and we find it’s important to group together baptisms at these times of year, for two reasons. First, this ensures we are not overlapping sessions in a season. And secondly, baptismal families can get to know each other and form friendships in these gatherings. (In extenuating circumstances, such as illness or emergency, baptism can be performed and the family will be able to have new member sessions following.)

Please complete your information on the following page, and return it to:

Rev Jon F. Lavelle

All Saints Anglican Parish Office
Box 576
Prescott, ON K0E 1T0 home: 613-340-0177.
Thank you for your cooperation.

“God will do his part to shower blessings.”

”Be in the right places to receive ALL he has to offer!”

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