Update on Phases for Opening our Churches

As the province reopens, Bishop Michael said this diocese is in careful planning with 2 expert epidemiologists and the Anglicans in many dioceses throughout the area.

Opening will not be simple, but phase byphase, and tailored to fit each church.  It is crucial all church leaders stay well; take time to recharge in preparation for opening.

If all goes well, with no 2nd wave,September will be our month to open.   The priority must be to protect our vulnerable.

In Our Parish – from Rev. Tracey

Bishop said outdoor services may POSSIBLYprecede the indoor services.  No buildings are open yet for clubs, exercises, etc.

To Get Ready:

Rev. Tracey will be writing letters to ALL to ask for your help finding new helping hands, friends, relatives, volunteers who can “Be the Gift” by pitching in with us on Sundays and letting our most vulnerable members step back from the front lines.