All public services of worship suspended

Dear Parishioners,

Bishop Michael Oulton wrote us at 10 p.m. this Friday night, March 13th with the following statement concerning the Covid 19 situation:

“…all public services of worship be suspended until further notice.”

Therefore we are writing to inform you that church services are suspended immediately.  No services this Sunday.

As your clergy,  David and I would like to suggest a simple plan for a buddy system among our church members to show our love and care for one another during this time. If you’d be willing, please choose a name of someone in your church that you’d be willing to ‘check in with’ through telephone calls.  Please let me know by email who that person is. Thank you for your assistance in being a compassionate buddy.

I will make sure everyone is partnered with someone so we may keep in touch for mutual support during this time.

We continue to be the body of Christ and care for our most vulnerable people.

We may be restricted from gathering BUT remember that in the Body of Christ we are never completely isolated or restricted from praying and caring.  Most of all, in our weakness we will know Christ’s strength which never fails.

Let me close with a prayer we can use together these days ahead.

Almighty God,  whose blessed Son Jesus Christ went about healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people continue, we pray, his gracious work among us, especially in all areas affected by the Corona virus.  

Cheer, heal and sanctify the sick; grant to the physicians, nurses and all caregivers your wisdom and skill, sympathy and patience; and send down your blessing upon all who labour to prevent suffering and to forward your purposes of love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Reverends Tracey and David.  613 925 – 0043