Wee Worship at St. James

On one Sunday every month, St. James is hosting a service geared solely to its younger crowd, ages 2 to 10. It’s Wee Worship.

They’ve had two services so far, and the bible stories were “God Creates everything” and “Noah and the Great Ark.” The responses were fantastic. Families loved that the children could explore their surroundings and no eye brows were raised at them.  And the regular members said, “I just love to see all the children in church. Wonderful service.”

So far it’s been morning prayer services with interactive music and a message, but Holy Communion is planned for later this year.

The next wee worship will be on Sunday April 25th. 11 am at St. James Maitland.

Bring a little one that you love. Lunch is served after the 35 minute service.