Highlights of Connect Youth

If you weren’t able to attend church on Sunday, we want to share what a joy it was to hear from Victoria Robertson, director of Connect Youth in Prescott.  All three of our churches have been supporting this group for years now and many of our members have responded to her visit by offering their own personal help. It’s a joy to see this connection to aid homeless/struggling youth GROW.

Let me share some highlights about Victoria’s message.

She and her helpers are extremely busy keeping an open office in the South Grenville District High school, for students to drop in at any time in the day to receive support in many ways. She said most of the students need food, as they come from homes where food may not be plentiful, and their families may cope with a variety of struggles. Some are in tears, some think of self harm. Some have hurt themselves.

She cares for and regularly feeds over 40 hungry students, often adding to their empty or meagre lunch kits, to nourish them while they attend school. This means over 150 lunch items are shared within just 20 days of school. And even dinners are made!

They give a lot of support to help kids get into professional mental health counselling, ‘holding their hand’ while they are on the waiting list to see a mental health professional.

We understood from Victoria that the assurances, car rides, warm smiles, and understanding hearts she and her helpers provide is a VERY full time, demanding job. But a rewarding one.

More next week….