Secure Our Church Home Complete Success

Rejoice with us!

St. John’s 2018 Campaign, Secure our Church Home has been a complete success.  By God’s grace, our goals were surpassed and we want to thank everyone who participated!  To each of you who prayed each Sunday and daily, and for all of you who have made commitments, you have our deepest gratitude.

For this reason, we will be offering a month with thanksgiving prayers at the church. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to you ALL!

And for everyone who makes a pledge, or time, treasurer or talent,  please come by the church to pick up a signed watercolor print of the newly commissioned painting “St. John’s on an Autumn Eve” by our own talented artist and church warden, Mrs. Sharon Stein.  This lovely painting is a small token of our appreciation and a reminder of this beloved church and it’s ministry of sharing Christ’s light with Prescott and beyond.