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26 Mar

On one Sunday every month, St. James is hosting a service geared solely to its younger crowd, ages 2 to 10. It’s Wee Worship. They’ve had two services...

24 Mar

Easter most generally falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon following the vernal equinox. The 2019 vernal equinox came on March 20 at 21:58...

24 Mar

We offer in Lent... our Lenten devotion in observing this season. Please consider taking on a prayerful and reflective spiritual regime. Many fast and pray,...

Our Churches And Ministries

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St. John’s

St. John’s Anglican Church, located on Centre Street in Prescott, hosts a Messy Church for children and holds a yearly Shakespeare Festival.

St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Church, located on John Street on Cardinal, holds worship every Sunday with a coffee hour in the adjacent hall.

St. James

St. James Anglican Church of Maitland is fondly known as the Church of the Chimes because of the magnificent new carillon, dedicated in 2011.

Blue Church

The quaint, intimate church boasts a Harry Horwood stained glass window of the Rich Young Ruler, and is also used for small weddings.

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