FOSJ Book Club presents Lara Margaret Marjerrison

Friends of St John’s (FOSJ) Book Club is proud to present Lara Margaret Marjerrison, author, poet and performance artist.

Sunday April 28 at 3:30pm at St John’s Anglican Church, 490 Centre St, Prescott. Reading from her work ‘grief & loss & love & sex’, she shares the stories and poems that carried her through one of the darkest and most painful times of her life and back into the light – the suicide of her sister.  See for more.

For those interested:

When Lara Margaret Marjerrison’s eldest sister died by suicide her world was rocked off its axis.  In an effort to reconcile the irreconcilable, she turned to her creative outlets, primarily painting and poetry.  In surrendering fully to her creative process, she found a way to turn her broken heart into art.  What remains is a beautiful guidebook to grief and finding life and magic again in the forever-changed landscape.

Lara is a compelling and passionate performer.  She is intelligent, deeply sensitive, and brave.  In her story telling she combines formal training and technique with a fierce rawness that tears way any facade, leaving her wide open and profoundly connected to her audience.

There’s not a false moment to be found.

See her!

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