All Church Services Suspended

All church services at St. John Prescott, St. James Maitland, and St. Paul Cardinal (And Blue Church) are suspended as of December 24th at 12:01 am

I’m very sad to say there will be no Christmas eve services and all services will now be virtual for approx. 1 month.

Read here for moredetails:

Effective at 12:01 am on December 24, 2020,all permissions to re-open for in-person worship granted under the Amber Stage are suspended until further notice.

The following guidelines (similar to the Red Stage apply):


1. Until further notice, all church buildings are to be closed for all purposes, except for the recording of online worship, sermons or reflections (see the guidelines below).

2. Hall use and rentals are suspended. This includes 12-step groups.

*We will invite you to join us, on facebook LIVE at 4 pm on Christmas eve, (Friends of St. John 2021)

Or: on You Tube

We will upload the service to be emailed by 7 pm through this newsletter.

Altar Guild Tracey David.JPG

I offer you all this Christmas blessing and

will keep you in our prayers and hearts.

“May the God of infinite goodness

scatter the darkness of sin and

brighten your hearts with holiness,

and the blessing of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

be among you and remain with you always.” Amen.

Rev. Tracey, Fr. David. Carolyn, Katie.

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