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19 May 2020 0 Comment

Prayer Concerns

Heavenly Father, Look mercifully upon your people who suffer a severe shortage of food due to the global pandemic. We...
27 Apr 2020 0 Comment

In Light of the Sorrows of our Nation, Let Us Pray Together

Gracious God, the comfort of all who sorrow and the strength of all who suffer, hear the cry of those in misery and...
21 Apr 2020 0 Comment

Home with the Family

Thanks to Lorna for sharing a photo of how she celebrated Palm Sunday with her disciples, at home! There are...
21 Apr 2020 0 Comment

Self care Tips from your Clergy

Self Care Tips When dealing with stress or crisis, such as this pandemic and related issues, it is important that...
21 Apr 2020 0 Comment

Covid Encouragement Story

I’m a self-professed luddite.    A happy one!  The learning curve has been steep for lots of clergy and...
21 Apr 2020 0 Comment

Continued Support for Connect Youth

We are still supporting Connect Youth and their work with Teens who may be homeless and now coping with difficulties...
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