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9 Dec 2018 0 Comment

Women’s Potluck

The women's potluck held on Monday December 3rd was so well-attended we had to set up more tables. Such a surprise...
3 Dec 2018 0 Comment

THE Christmas Parcel Project

Sat. Dec. 22, 10:30 am - THE Christmas Parcel Project. St. John’s hall. Join Rev. Tracey and Linda as we make up...
3 Dec 2018 0 Comment

Recycle, Reuse, Rethink

As a cost saving measure for 2019, we won’t order more Church Envelopes. Recycled envelopes will be available in...
29 Nov 2018 0 Comment

Advent is a Season all on its own

Advent is a season all on its own. It isn’t Christmas yet, so our décor is not “Christmassy” yet. Advent...
13 Nov 2018 0 Comment

Thank you to all who signed up for our Prayer Vigil

Thank you to all who signed up for our prayer vigil, which closed off a wonderful month of special services in honor of...
28 Oct 2018 0 Comment

Harvest Brunch – a Huge Success

Harvest Brunch:  A huge successful brunch was held on Sat. Oct. 20th, with a steady stream of hungry guests visiting...
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